Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Read this blog

As I hope many in our QEP group have been doing lately, I have been reading some education/writing/connectivity blogs.

By far, the best that I have read is titled "Helicopter Lessons," Mark Pesce's June 14 blog on childhood development and "hyper-connectivity"--

His two or three blogs leading up to this one are also top-notch, but in this blog he brings his thoughts more to bear on education.

Pesce's site is called The Human Network, and it has proven to be a rich source of ideas for our explorations of connectivity and networking. Please, everyone, check it out!!

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  1. Good call, Tom. Mark Pesce is one of my favorites. He introduced me some 3 or 4 years ago to the concept of co-presence, the emerging ability of people to be constantly present in a person's life through electronic communication networks. I think we may well be realizing the old notion of a crowd of angels (or perhaps demons) circling about us like a cloud of electrons, instantly available for communication. Of course, we olders usually resent the intrusion of these electronic angels into our face-to-face conversations with youngers. It's why so many offices have signs telling youngers to turn off their cell phones. Those signs are doomed for extinction.