Tuesday, May 24, 2011

A new year

We are starting our new series of workshops today with our third QEP cohort!!  Seems as if we are rushing ahead; the future is ever upon us.  If the present exists, it is made up mostly of our anticipation of what we expect to happen to us next.

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Reflective workshop 3/16/11

Summary thoughts about reflective writing: this occurs on different levels.  Three levels that were revealed by our discussion are the following:

1) Blogging by students and teacher in somewhat of an informal way about the ongoing course content.  This could be stimulated by occasional discussion questions or topics posted by the teacher.

2) As a QEP ideal, each assignment could be designed to address/include each of the five literacies, as defined by QEP.  With "Reflective Practices" being the fifth of the five listed literacies, each assignment could have as a codicil a first-person, brief, reflective direction for the student to say what the experience of doing this assignment has been like for her/him.

3) Similar to #1 above, blogging can be a more structured and directed procedure with the class completing specific reviews of text chapters, peer review, or other designated projects.